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Watson Private Investigation has over 15 years of surveillance experience. Conducting successful surveillance takes patience and experience. Proper surveillance will supply the customer with everything they will need to prove their case.

Divorce can be a very sensitive and emotional time for people. A private investigator's responsibilities may include surveillance that will supply the customer with photographs, pictures, etc. My advice to most people is that if you have gone this far and have accessed this site or contacted a private investigator, there is a problem. Finding the answer to the problem is what we do.

Sensitivity is demanded on issues that involve children. Custody investigations require operatives to retrieve evidence and information in delicate situations. You want high-quality information so that you and your attorney can make informed decisions on the well being of your child or children. If there is something you need to know in a timely manner to be able to proceed, we can get results with discretion.

I received my experience in detecting threats to personal privacy during my experience with the LAPD. I worked a unit that worked closely with the secret service. We conducted VIP dignitary protection details that required debugging.

If you are worried that you are being investigated, call our office from a payphone preferably some distance from your home. Do not call us from your home telephone. We can search for bugs and cameras using various techniques, many of them transparent to those doing the monitoring.

We do criminal defense work all over Texas. I am an approved vendor for Travis County and do criminal defense work for all types of criminal offenses. I have numerous references from criminal defense attorneys that I have worked with in their criminal cases.

As an approved vendor with State Farm, we work with the law firms that represent the insurance companies. I have conducted numerous insurance fraud investigations and have numerous references upon request. We can help you recover assets and identify the amateurs and professionals engaged in these activities.

Missing person, locate someone, or address: however you are searching for a person, you have come to the right place for fast, affordable professional help locating people.

Watson Private Investigation Services has conducted several missing person investigations. This type of investigation requires a strong investigator with leadership skills.

I have conducted numerous civil cases that range from product liability to wrongful death.

Watson Private Investigation serves all types of citations and subpoenas. We also have a service to find individuals so that they can be served.

Undercover investigations are specialized and require experience. With 5 years undercover experience, including internal affairs with the LAPD we have a proven track record of successful undercover operations that get results for our clients. We customize each case so you only get the services you need, whether it's an undercover sting operation, fraud detection, or litigation support we can help.

Many companies now require employee pre-screening investigations prior to employment. Watson Investigation can provide unique background checks based on the level of depth you require. As a licensed private investigator, we use the latest methods and technology possible to provide you with an accurate, detailed background check.

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